Tidy Works For You

Why Tidy works For you

TIDY Home & Property Solutions offers a suite of cleaning options designed to deliver superlative results.  We are dedicated to the appearance of our clients' residential and workplace environments. We are also committed to our core values of EXCELLENCE, CONVENIENCE AND SATISFACTION which drive our mission to deliver clean . Your investment in your home or work space is held in high regard. So we guarantee a sanitary, spotless canvas for your living space or business operations each day. Whether the service need is commercial, personal convenience, special needs support or a gift idea, we have your convenience in mind. Our licensed and bonded team of reliable individuals will take pride in working for you.

The TIDY Difference

Our signature service, Receptacle Curbside Service (RCS) demonstrates our commitment to our company's core values.  Property owners who have RCS never have to worry about trash day and recycling day.  Their trash cans are not left to blow into street traffic and there is never any debris left from trash pick up.  When they wake up in the morning or when they come home at night it's done! This exclusive service is offered as a stand alone option , but the service is free for clients who choose a routine cleaning plan.

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